Welcome to CHARISMA CHECK! We appreciate your interest in our website and thank you for choosing to download the CHARISMA CHECK App. Our platform, owned by CHARISMA CHECK LLC ("we," "our," or "us"), is designed to enhance your experience by providing access to your personal information from publicly available sources.


At CHARISMA CHECK, we take your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy is here to guide you on how we collect, utilize, and share information about you as you engage with our platform. By accessing, viewing, downloading, or using the Platform, you acknowledge and agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Rest assured, your privacy is at the forefront of our commitment, both now and in any future amendments or modifications made by us.

Table of contents:

I. Information Collected by CHARISMA CHECK.
II. Information You Submit to CHARISMA CHECK
III. Information Collected Automatically About Your Usage
IV. Subscription Benefits and Services
V. Sharing Information Responsibly at CHARISMA CHECK
VI. Harnessing Information for Your Benefit at CHARISMA CHECK
VII. Managing Your User Information at CHARISMA CHECK
VIII. Managing Your Data with CHARISMA CHECK
IX. Managing Your Marketing Preferences
X. Navigating Links on the Platform
XI. Safeguarding Children's Privacy
XII. Navigating Your Privacy Rights by Location
XIII. Important Information for California Residents
XIV. Handling Personal Information for Business Purposes: Defined Categories
XV. How categories of Personal information could be used.
XVI. Non-discrimination Commitment for Exercising Your Rights
XVII. Right to know
XVIII. Getting in Touch with Us
XIX. Updates to Our Privacy Policy
XX. Summary.

I. Information Collected by CHARISMA CHECK.

At CHARISMA CHECK, we strive to make information easily accessible for you. Our platform utilizes publicly available sources, aggregated to provide you with a seamless experience. Through CHARISMA CHECK, Visitors can conveniently retrieve specific materials posted on or accessible through the Platform. These materials are compiled, distributed, and displayed by CHARISMA CHECK in collaboration with various third-party content providers, including third-party websites or services.

Types of Information Collected by CHARISMA CHECK

We collect two primary types of information:

I. Data Submitted by You: When you interact with CHARISMA CHECK, you may submit certain information, enhancing your personalized experience.
II. Automatically Gathered Information: CHARISMA CHECK also collects information automatically, observing your usage of the Platform. This data helps us understand how you engage with our services, ultimately allowing us to enhance and improve your experience.

At CHARISMA CHECK, your satisfaction and privacy are our top priorities. We are committed to delivering a service that caters to your needs and preferences.

II. Information You Submit to CHARISMA CHECK

Your Information Matters at CHARISMA CHECK

At CHARISMA CHECK, we value the information you share with us. When you engage with the Platform, we collect various details that you provide, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. This includes, but is not limited to, information submitted during sign-up.

III. Information Collected Automatically About Your Usage (Understanding Your Interaction with CHARISMA CHECK)

Automatic Collection of Usage Information:

Similar to many websites and mobile applications, CHARISMA CHECK may automatically collect and store specific information in log files to enhance your experience. This includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data. This collected log information is integrated with other data to refine services, marketing strategies, and analytics.

Cookies and Similar Technologies:

Upon visiting the Platform, we or our third-party service providers may use "Cookies" or similar technologies to automatically gather and store non-personally-identifiable information about your usage. Cookies, essential for Subscriber Services, contribute to an enhanced user experience by storing details like your password. You have the option to configure your web browser preferences regarding Cookies, but note that disabling them may limit your ability to fully experience the Platform's functionality.

Technological Collaborations:

CHARISMA CHECK, along with partners and affiliates, utilizes various technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts. These technologies help analyze trends, administer the Platform, track user movements, and collect demographic information. Reports are generated based on individual and aggregated use of these technologies.

Mobile Device Information:

Upon downloading the CHARISMA CHECK App, we may collect the unique identification number of your mobile device in addition to the make and model. No precise geolocation information is collected unless explicitly provided.

Collaboration with Third Parties:

In collaboration with third parties, we may offer specific features and advertisements based on web browsing activity. These collaborations may involve local stored objects (LSOs) like HTML 5 or Flash, with browser-specific management tools available for removing HTML5 LSOs.

Background Check Card Information:

In connection with providing your background check card, we may collect and store information from our third-party data providers.

At CHARISMA CHECK, we are committed to transparency and ensuring your privacy throughout your interaction with our platform.

IV. Subscription Benefits and Services

Our subscription model grants you access to a range of services offered exclusively to subscribers through the Platform, such as obtaining your personal report. This personalized approach is designed to enhance your overall experience.Whether you have a question, comment, or request, we collect information when you reach out to us. This may involve details such as:

  • (a) Your email address
  • (b) Full name
  • (c) Date of birth
  • (d) Password
  • (e) Mailing address

V. Sharing Information Responsibly at CHARISMA CHECK

At CHARISMA CHECK, we believe in transparency and responsible information sharing. We may disclose the information we collect from you to third parties for the following purposes:

1. Affiliates and Service Providers:

  • Sharing information with affiliates and service providers working on our behalf, such as users first and last name with our third-party data providers.
  • These entities access your information solely to fulfill their functions on our behalf, with strict restrictions on using your information for other purposes.

2. Marketing Partners:

  • Collaborating with marketing partners to promote our products and analyze marketing efforts on our behalf. It is important to notice, in case we share any information with marketing partners, we will never disclose personal identifiable information, we may disclose only aggregated anonymized data.  

3. Specific Third-Party Companies for Verification:

  • Sharing information with specific third-party companies, like data partners, exclusively for the purpose of verifying details related to specific User.
  • These third-party entities are bound by confidentiality obligations and restricted from unnecessary storage or transfer of information.

4. Business Transactions and Legal Compliance:

  • Transferring information to any acquiring entity in connection with sales, mergers, consolidations, or legal processes.
  • Complying with subpoenas, court orders, or legal processes, and enforcing applicable agreements, policies, and laws.

5. Protection of Rights and Safety:

  • Protecting the rights, property, or safety of CHARISMA CHECK, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, joint ventures, or third-party service providers, and each of their respective members, officers, directors, employees, agents, shareholders, co-branders, content licensors, suppliers, contractors, attorneys, and other partners.
  • Sharing information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection purposes and providing information to law enforcement when necessary.

6. Mobile Device Geolocation and Aggregate Reports:

  • We are not sharing geolocation information from your mobile device with third parties without explicit consent, except in response to legal requests.
  • We may be sharing aggregate anonymized reports with demographic, usage, and other characteristics of users as a collective group, ensuring personal identification is never disclosed.

We prioritize safeguarding your information and ensuring responsible and lawful sharing practices at all times.

VI. Harnessing Information for Your Benefit at CHARISMA CHECK

At CHARISMA CHECK, the information we collect from you serves various crucial purposes, such as:

1. Providing Tailored Products and Services:

  • Delivering requested information, including CHARISMA CHECK Checks and other subscription services..

2. Service-Related Communications:

  • Sending necessary communications for account verification, management, and important notices through your preferred medium (e.g., email or telephone).

3. Handling Requests and Inquiries:

  • Efficiently handling and processing your submitted requests.
  • Responding to your inquiries promptly.

4. Marketing and Promotions:

  • Delivering marketing communications and promotional materials in accordance with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.

5. Platform Usage Analysis:

  • Generating and analyzing statistics about your Platform usage, including understanding user demographics.

6. Internal Business Insights:

  • Utilizing information for internal business purposes, such as business analysis and management to better cater to user needs.

7. Customized Platform Experience:

  • Customizing your Platform experience to enhance user satisfaction.

8. Fraud Protection:

  • Detecting and protecting against fraud, infringement, or other violations of our Terms of Service.

Additionally, we may aggregate, anonymize, or merge the collected information for these purposes, linking account information with data collected through cookies. This process aims to identify the most relevant areas of the Platform for you, allowing us to better tailor both the Platform and our communications to align with your interests.

VII. Managing Your User Information at CHARISMA CHECK

Correcting, Updating, or Removing Information:

At CHARISMA CHECK, we understand that circumstances change. If the information you've provided undergoes changes or if you no longer wish to avail of our services, you have the flexibility to:

Correct/dispute: Update any inaccuracies in your information.
Update: Keep your details current.
Remove: Request the deletion of your information.

How to Make Changes:

You can make the request for changes through the mobile App by “contact us’. Alternatively, if you prefer assistance or have specific requests, feel free to reach out to us using the contact details provided on our platform.

At CHARISMA CHECK, we strive to ensure your information is accurate and constantly at your fingertips.  

VIII. Managing Your Data with CHARISMA CHECK

Data Retention Policy:

At CHARISMA CHECK, we prioritize your control over your information. We will retain some of the information gathered about you until you delete your account. If you decide to delete your account/profile, your information will be deleted automatically. 

IX. Managing Your Marketing Preferences

At CHARISMA CHECK, we respect your choices when it comes to marketing communications. Here's how we handle it:

Opting Out:

You always have the freedom to unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails at any time. Simply follow the instructions provided at the end of the email. Please be aware that we may maintain separate email lists for various purposes, so you might need to unsubscribe from multiple lists.

Important Considerations:

  • Even if you unsubscribe from all our and our third-party advertisers' lists, you may still receive marketing emails in the future if you opt into a different email marketing program.
  • Rest assured, you can always unsubscribe from such programs by following the instructions at the end of any email you receive.

X. Navigating Links on the Platform

When using the Platform, you may encounter links to third-party websites on the Internet, independently owned and operated. Some of these websites may even be co-branded, with third parties authorized to use CHARISMA CHECK's name and logo on their sites. It's crucial to understand that CHARISMA CHECK does not govern the data practices of these external websites, and their respective privacy policies will take precedence.

Recommendations for Users:

We advise caution when departing from the Platform and encourage you to review the privacy policy of each website you access through links on our Platform. This Privacy Policy exclusively pertains to information collected directly by the Platform.

XI. Safeguarding Children's Privacy

At CHARISMA CHECK, the privacy of children is a top priority, and we adhere to the following principles:

Age Limitation:

The Platform, as well as its products and services, is not intended for or directed toward children. Individuals under the age of eighteen are prohibited from using the Platform.

No Deliberate Collection:

We do not deliberately seek or gather personal information from any Visitor whom we know is under the age of eighteen.

Active Parental Involvement:

We encourage parents and guardians to actively participate in their children's online activities, providing oversight and guidance.

Addressing Concerns:

Should you suspect that your child has shared personal information with CHARISMA CHECK without your consent, we invite you to reach out to us at CHARISMA CHECK via email.

XII. Navigating Your Privacy Rights by Location

Residents of specific states are entitled to additional privacy rights under state consumer privacy laws. For California residents, detailed information on your privacy rights is available in the "Notice for California Residents" section below. If you reside in Colorado, Connecticut, or Virginia, explore the following rights:

1. Right of Access:

  • Confirm the processing of your personal information.
  • Access it in a portable and easily usable format.

2. Right to Deletion:

  • Request the deletion of specific personal information.

3. Right to Opt-out:

  • Opt-out of personal information processing for sales/sharing, targeted advertising, or decisions with legal or similarly significant effects.

4. Right to Correction:

  • Request the correction of inaccuracies in specific personal information, considering the nature and purposes of the processing.

Exercising Your Rights:

To exercise your opt-out, access, or deletion rights, you or your authorized agent can submit a request by contacting us. For updates or corrections to personal information provided during account creation, access your My Account page or contact us.

Navigating the Appeal Process:

Residents of Colorado, Connecticut, or Virginia possess the right to appeal a decision denying a privacy request. To initiate an appeal, contact us at CHARISMA CHECK, specifying your state and providing documentation related to your appeal. If the appeal faces denial, explore the option to file a complaint with your state Attorney General’s Office. Find relevant details by selecting the appropriate link at CHARISMA CHECK.

XIII. Important Information for California Residents

In addition to the details provided above, if you are a California resident, the following additional rights aim to enhance your control and transparency regarding the handling of your information.

The following specifically addresses California residents and outlines our handling of certain personally identifiable and/or personal information in accordance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act (collectively, "CCPA"). If you are a California resident, specific rights may apply to various categories of your "Public" and "Personal" information.

Potential Rights for California Residents:

Right to Disclosure:

  • Request disclosure of categories and specific pieces of Public information obtained from public data sources.
  • Request disclosure of Personal information collected directly from you, if applicable.

Right to Deletion:

  • Request the deletion of such information, where required.

Important Note:

We want to emphasize that we never sell Personal information obtained from you under any circumstances.

XIV. Handling Personal Information for Business Purposes: Defined Categories

As part of our business operations, we engage with specific categories of personal information, sourced from various channels:

1. Public Information Gathering:

  • Obtained from publicly available data sources.
  • Collected directly from our users.

2. CCPA Compliance:

  • In alignment with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we honor verified requests for disclosure.

3. Categories of Disclosed Information:

  • Upon verified requests, we furnish the relevant "categories" of information obtained or collected.
  • These categories encompass identifiers (e.g., name, address, email address), general geolocation information (e.g., city and state), and/or other details reasonably associated with you.

4. Business Purposes and Legal Obligations:

  • The disclosed categories of information about you or your Platform usage serve business purposes, as defined by applicable law.
  • Additionally, disclosure may be necessary to comply with relevant legal requirements.

Our commitment centers on transparency and compliance, ensuring that the handling of your information aligns with applicable laws while respecting your privacy preferences on the Platform.

XV. How categories of Personal information could be used:

Handling of Public Information: Compliance with CCPA:

In accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we adhere to specific responsibilities concerning the "sale" of personal information:

1. No Sale of Personal Information:

  • We do not sell personal information obtained from visitors or subscribers to our platform.
  • This includes information such as names or email addresses provided during Platform subscription.

2. Limited Information Sharing:

  • There may be instances, as outlined by the law and CCPA regulatory guidance, where we need to share limited information about your activity.
  • This sharing may occur through cookies, as detailed in the above section.

3. Your Control Over Cookies:

  • You retain control over these cookies through your browser settings.

4. Clarification on Limited Sharing:

  • It's crucial to understand that this limited sharing, involving cookies, does not qualify as a sale of personal information.

XVI. Non-discrimination Commitment for Exercising Your Rights:

In addition to outlining the steps for exercising your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), it's crucial to understand that we uphold a commitment to non-discrimination:

1. Equal Treatment:

  • We assure you that exercising your CCPA or any other rights will not result in discrimination.
  • You will not be denied access or service, charged different prices, subjected to varied service levels, or faced with similar practices.

2. CCPA-Permitted Practices Clarification:

  • While CCPA permits specific practices in certain situations, such as offering incentives leading to different prices or rates, we do not engage in such practices.

3. Reasonable Correspondence of Incentives:

  • If any financial incentives permitted by CCPA are offered, they will be reasonably aligned with the value of your information.
  • Our commitment is to ensure that any incentives provided are fair and proportionate to the significance of your data.

4. Opt-in Consent Requirement:

  • Participation in any financial incentive program, as permitted by CCPA, necessitates your prior opt-in consent.
  • You hold the right to revoke this consent at any time.

5. No Participation in Discriminatory Practices:

  • It's important to note that we do not participate in any practices that would discriminate against individuals based on their exercise of privacy rights.

XVII. Right to know

Empowering Your Right to Know

In our unwavering commitment to transparency and the protection of your privacy rights, we empower you with the entitlement to be fully informed about and have a detailed view of the categories of data we acquired, gathered, or shared concerning you within the preceding 12 months (or if such actions were not undertaken). This holistic insight encompasses:

Categories of Personal Information:

  • Providing you with clear insight into the diverse categories of personal information we gathered or revealed for a business purpose.

Origins of Information:

  • Offering a transparent understanding of the origins from which your personal information is obtained.

Business or Commercial Intent:

  • Ensuring clarity on the business or commercial intent behind the acquisition or gathering of your personal information.

Third-Party Exchanges:

  • Making you aware of the specific categories of third parties with whom we have exchanged your personal information.

Specific Elements of Information:

  • Offering a meticulous breakdown of the distinct elements of personal information we have collected or public information we have secured pertaining to you.

To initiate your Right-to-Know request, please reach out to us at CHARISMA CHECK. Upon receiving your request, we will promptly acknowledge it within 10 days, providing clear and detailed instructions on how to proceed, along with any additional details required to verify your identity. The information you submit should reasonably match the data in our records, facilitating a smooth and secure verification process.

Our steadfast commitment is to address verifiable consumer requests within 45 days of receipt. In the rare instance where an extension is deemed necessary (up to 90 days), we will provide written notice, ensuring complete transparency and explaining the reason for the extension period. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a comprehensive, timely, and respectful response to your privacy inquiries.

Upholding Your Privacy: The Right to Request Non-Sale

In our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your privacy, it's essential to emphasize that we do not sell personal information obtained from our users. This encompasses various details, including names and email addresses provided during the subscription process. However, the nuanced aspects include:

Legal Mandates and Bona Fide Belief

  • Embedded within our commitment is the prerogative to share information when required by law or when we genuinely believe such disclosure is imperative:

(i) In response to an emergency to ensure someone's safety,
(ii) To comply with legal processes served on us, or
(iii) To safeguard and assert our rights or property.

Successor-in-Interest Transfer:

  • Expanding our commitment, we retain the right to transfer public information to any successor-in-interest to our business.

Your privacy stands as our paramount concern. While we steadfastly abstain from selling your personal information, it's crucial to recognize the importance of adaptability in specific legal and protective scenarios.

XVIII. Updates to Our Privacy Policy

At CHARISMA CHECK, we value transparency in our privacy practices. Please take note of the following:

Policy Revisions:

CHARISMA CHECK retains the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy, whether partially or entirely, at its sole discretion.

Immediate Effect:

These changes will take effect immediately upon being prominently posted as a link on our Platform's homepage or directly communicated to you.

Notification of Significant Changes:

For significant alterations to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you through:

I. Announcements on our Platform,
II. Emails sent to the address linked to your subscription, or
III. Notices on our homepage before the changes come into effect.

Your Affirmative Acknowledgment:

By continuing to use or access the Platform or any Services, following the posting of amendments or modifications, or upon receiving a notification email regarding changes to the Privacy Policy, you affirmatively acknowledge and accept the amended or modified Privacy Policy.

At CHARISMA CHECK, we appreciate your understanding and acceptance of our Privacy Policy, fostering a relationship built on transparency and trust.

XIX. Getting in Touch with Us

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, the data practices linked to the Platform, or your interactions with it, feel free to reach out to us. We welcome your inquiries and are here to assist you. Please note that all communications with us or our authorized agents may be subject to monitoring or recording.

XX. In summary:

Insightful Annual Inquiry:

  • Your right, free of charge, empowers you to annually seek comprehensive information about any disclosure of your public or personal information to third parties for independent direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendar year.

Non-Discrimination Guarantee:

  • Rest assured, you hold the prerogative not to face discrimination when actively engaging any of the aforementioned rights.

Act on Your Rights:

  • For access or deletion of your information and to wield any other data rights under California law, we invite you to connect with us. Utilize one of the methods outlined above to take charge. Your empowerment remains our unwavering commitment.